Our Maybo Physical intervention skills may be needed in some workplaces to manage challenging behaviour safely. Maybo’s physical intervention skills are based on natural movements that do not rely on strength or aggression. These non-violent skills have been legally and medically reviewed and have earned considerable credibility across different sectors including the SIA.

This module based training varies from disengagement tactics to more advanced rescue techniques, escorting methods through to holding skills. 

Throughout the course we will examine:

  • the requirement to use non-physical skills as far as possible
  •  the law in relation to 'reasonable force' and self defence
  • the value of assessing a situation before intervening
  •  using physical intervention as a last resort
  • possible medical implications
  •  the potential legal implications of the techniques
  •  disengagement techniques
  •  escorting and guiding skills
  •  holding skills

All learners must complete training in how to prevent and defuse conflict and deal with challenging behaviour, without the need to use force, plus our Assault Avoidance and Disengagement programme. The trainings primary goal is to help its clients in reducing the use of force because physical intervention carries risk for everyone involved and can result in tragedy 

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What is the test like?

You do not site a test but have to demonstrate to the tutor that you can perform the skills to the required standard.

When do I get my results?

You will be told on the day by our tutor.

This course is endorsed by

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and theSecurity Industry Authority (SIA)

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