Maybo Conflict Managment

Conflict management training is required in certain roles to help staff to safely and effectively manage aggressive and challenging behaviour it is also a legal health and safety requirement.

Conflict costs
Work place violence is an issue in all businesses and services where staff may face emotionally charged situations. The health and safety executive's british crime survey 2012/13 shows. There was an estimated 649,000 incidents of violence at work comprising of 332,000 assaults and 317,000 threats

Who should attend?

The course is of particular value to roles such as:

  • retail security & profit protection
  • licensed retail
  • healthcare security
  • local authorities
  • event security
  • justice and custodial services
  • customer facing staff
  • staff who have to deal with potentially violent situations    
  • lone workers
  • transport security
  • hospitality
  • colleges and universities
  • parking enforcemen

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Course Content

The training focuses on personal safety and conflict resolution in your working environment.

  • the learning includes 
  • health and safety responsibilities
  • employer policy and guidance 
  • identifying flashpoints 
  • proactive service delivery
  • risk reduction 
  • verbal and non-verbal communication 
  • calming skills
  • managing incidents
  • post-incident considerations

Why is the course so special?We tailor the learning to integrate with organisational policy and guidance and to meet the different needs of staff at risk

How long is the training course?

The course will take one day

What is the test like?

No test

When do I get my results?

All learners receive a Maybo and City & Guilds certificate completion of the course

Next Course Dates

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